Lean Sigma Principles
- Specify value in the eyes of the customer
- Identify the value stream and eliminate waste/variation
- Make value flow at the pull of the customer
- Involve, align and empower employees
- Continuously improve knowledge in pursuit of perfection.
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eCRM https://web.wanbury.co.in/p2t
Expense Management https://web.wanbury.co.in/eExpense
IBIS Scheme http://scheme.wanbury.co.in
HRMIS (Oracle Fusion) http://wanburyhris.com/Fusion
HRMIS HexFusion AddIn http://ess.wanburyhris.com/HexFusionAddIn
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Whistle Blower Policy Whistle Blower Policy
Holiday List 2015
Flexi - Working Hours
SAP Authorization Template SAP User Authorization Template
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